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Working Fitness Vacation

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Working Fitness Vacation - Beautiful Luxurious Location

Buena Vida Fitness Centre is located in a small quaint town on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. We are looking for personal trainers for our fitness vacation program who:

- want to strengthen their relationships with their existing clients

- can work in a cooperative arrangement

- have adventurous spirits and flexible outlooks

We are looking for trainers for one week 'working vacations'. We are looking for trainers who can put together a group of 8 or more people from among their own client base to attend one of our one week fitness camps. The trainer will be expected to deliver at least one training session a day and depending upon their other interests and skills possibly deliver workshops; conduct fitness assessments, etc. Work responsibilities during the camp would not exceed 4 hours a day. Trainers would also be free to engage in camp fitness and yoga classes if they desired.

We will also provide marketing materials to assist you in promoting the vacation to your clients. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Sandy Iverson
Marketing Director,
Buena Vida Fitness Centre
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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